Russian Soldiers

"Team" Photography -- can you work with a team to compose your shots?

In the early months of the first world war, the Russian army was large, but very poorly equipped. Soldiers were formed into groups of three, with one rifle and 5 cartridges. When the first soldier fell, the remaining 2 would take up the rifle and continue, until the next fell.

Participants will be put in pairs, issued with one camera, and a list of “targets” to shoot. Work together to spot and shoot, and don’t waste your shots!

This is a full day outing, starting at the New West Skytrain station and ending with dinner at Lougheed Mall where processed prints will be judged and compared. Bring your usual gear, and money. Shoot your own photos with your own camera, but only those from the supplied equipment will be judged. Will challenge the eye, mind and skill of all photographers