Sakura Daze!

We are planning for a late afternoon walk around the Sakura Days Japan Fair. We can spend the afternoon taking pictures of the various vendors and demonstrations, then stop for a snack or something for dinner and end the day watching the lights, music and dancing of the Lantern Parade from 630 until the end of the day at 7pm.

The Sakura (Japanese Cherry Blossom) has long been a traditional icon in Japanese culture and is a symbol of spring.

Soak in the wonderful Japanese festival atmosphere and enjoy delicious Japanese food & sake, cultural performances, arts and crafts, and learn about Japanese culture and business.

Enjoy Taiko drumming, martial arts, dance and singing performances. Participate in a tea ceremony, or learn about Ikebana (flower arranging), Origami (paper folding), Haiku (Japanese poetry), Calligraphy (decorative writing) Koto (Japanese harp), Getting dressed in an authentic Yukata (Japanese Summer kimono).