Burns Bog Tour

We will go on an interpretive nature walk and explore the beautiful Delta Nature Reserve - A public park on the border of Burns Bog. We will then continue for a tour of the unique ecosystem that is Burns Bog.

Learn about:

  • The importance of bogs and peatlands
  • The History of Burns Bog - What a bog really is
  • The story behind the infamous sunken tractor
  • What is capable of surviving the harsh conditions of a bog
  • Adapted flora and fauna First Nations use of the land Threats and Conservation

The tour will be 2.5 hours in length and we will be walking around 3 kms through the reserve.  This is a friendly reminder to make sure you are dressing for the conditions and wearing appropriate footwear.  If you bring a tripod, please stay on the boardwalk to protect the sensitive plants growing in the bog.

For more information about Burns Bog, visit the Delta Parks & Recreation page.