Traboulay Trail Photowalk

We will be walking  a portion of the  "South Pitt River"  section of the Traboulay Trail in Port Coquitlam.  The total trail is a 25.3 kilometer route that encircles the community.  The trail is flat and suitable for exploring at any time of the year.  We will assemble in the parking lot on Argue Street (just south of the Mary Hill Bypass and Shaughnessy Street.).   

This section of the Traboulay Poco Trail winds past the CPR freight and repair yard, Pitt River Bridge, and other river-based industry.  Peace Park and the Citadel Landing boardwalk are other features of this stretch of trail, which offer scenic views of the river and Douglas Island as well as the resident birds and plantlife.


The foundation for Port Coquitlam’s trail network is the Traboulay PoCo Trail, a 25.3 kilometre route that encircles the community. This flat walking and cycling trail is suitable for exploring at any time of the year.

The trail traverses a varied landscape that includes forest and creek, meadow and marsh, riverfront and urban development:

  • Downtown: This paved section winds through areas where local residents live, play and work. It’s well used by recreational users as well as bicycle commuters.
  • Colony Farm: Walk or cycle through serene and historic Colony Farm, which features more than 150 bird species and is one of the most biodiverse parts of the region.
  • South Pitt River: The trail winds past the Citadel Landing boardwalk, Peace Park and river-based industry, while offering views of the river and Douglas Island.
  • Deboville Slough and north Pitt River: Featuring splendid views of farmland and the mountains.
  • Coquitlam River and Hyde Creek: Enjoy the cool shade from the tall trees along the Coquitlam River and Hyde Creek sections – particularly refreshing on a hot day.