Editing Challenge 2018

This is not a "outing" in the normal sense. This gallery is to allow members to share their creations based on the 2018 Editing Challenge.

The Editing Challenge is where the members are given photographs that are what might be considered run of the mill snapshots. The challenge is to use your creative digital editing skills to transform ho-hum images into engaging and interesting compositions.
This is a chance to take the time to learn new post-work techniques.

At the meeting, the images were discussed, and members told us how they transformed the images they chose.

We suggest you start the title of your images with the EC image you were editing. (e.g. "EC5 - Hippy Truck" if you edited image EC5).

The images were discussed at our regular meeting on this date but members are encouraged to upload their images to this gallery so that people in the future can see and learn what you did.

This also allows you to share those images that maybe we did not get time to discuss in the meeting.

If you have ideas that you would like to try, you can still participate in the editing challenge. Go to the original challenge page to download the original full sized images (you must be logged into your member account to do so) and post your edited versions to this gallery.

You can access the images on the 2018 challenge page.