Colour Wheel

This theme is called "Colour Wheel". It's spring, so there is colour appearing everywhere. Find a Colour Wheel (Google can help or you can buy them inexpensively in most art supply stores) . To avoid having to take an art course, we will set the theme to two uses of the colour wheel: (1) Complementary - those colours opposite each other on the wheel. Most of us do this already - bright orange colours against a blue sky, for example, make each of the colours pop out. See if you can shoot a good example of this... or (2) Analogous - using colours adjacent to each other on the colour wheel. This creates a very harmonious colour scheme. Colour is everywhere and you can use any subject. This is just to challenge you to keep your colour scheme simple. It might be harder than it looks, especially if you stay out of gardens (really, you can show florals if you want!) Have fun.