Landscape Intentional Camera Movement

I think I am safe in saying that most of us joined the photography club to not only socialize with other photographers but to learn and grow our craft. This month's challenge fits the bill in that it will be difficult to just scroll through our files to find photos we have taken to enter into the monthly theme. To be honest, I have fallen into that routine and so saying that, this is a big challenge. To those who attended our last meeting we were fortunate to learn something about this technique from Bruce Fairman. Here is a website with tips on how to accomplish this with artists who do this technique.

Wikipedia suggest these other photographers: Douglas Barkley, Alexey Titarenko and Ernst Haas. There are several different ICM methods so lets stick to handheld landscape shots. As  both Bruce and the article states, be prepared to take lots and lots of shots before finding one that pleases you and have fun!