Into The Sun

Lens flared, magical, dreamy, or retro feeling photographs are all the rage right now partially fueled by the popularity of Instagram. These images are acquired by shooting towards the sun with your subject being backlit which is a more difficult image to take than silhouettes. The exposure is for your subject with the background slightly or entirely blown out. Following are some tips and websites to give you some tips and ideas. Good luck.

SOME TIPS TO MAKE BACK LIGHTING WORK FOR YOU by Lisa Holloway • Use a lens hood. A lens hood is cheap and easy to use, and is a great way to reduce haze in your back lit images. • Stand in the shade. By physically planting yourself in a shady location, you eliminate the problems that arise with the sunlight coming directly into your lens. If there is no shade available, try shooting with the sun at a slight angle to your camera. Make sure it is not coming straight into your lens – unless you are shooting to purposefully include haze and sun flare. • Open sky! By open sky, I mean open sky behind you. This allows for adequate lighting to fall on your subject’s face. • Avoid open sky behind your subject. Open sky is great behind YOU, but not so great behind your subject. If you are properly exposing for your subject’s skin tones, that sky will blow out and be nothing but one big, ugly, distracting white blob in your photo that will steal attention from your subject. Remember, our eyes settle on the brightest thing in a photo. You don’t want that to be a blown out sky!

And here is another couple of links with tips on backlit photography.