Vancouver International Airport

The people, infrastructure, art and architecture of our busy international airport offer many opportunities for expanding our photographic techniques.  There is also a free public observation area located on the upper floor in the public, pre-security area of the Domestic Terminal.   There we will be able to photograph the airplane and ground activities that are not usually seen when we rush to catch our flights.

To make our photographic outing experience a little different, we suggest that you choose to go either long or wide.  That is, choose either the longest or the widest lens or zoom that your camera supports and shot all you photos with that setting.

The Spirit of Haida Gwaii, The Jade Canoe, by Bill Reid, is one of Canada’s most recognizable sculptures. Located in the centre of YVR’s International Terminal, at six metres long and four meters high, its presence is hard to miss. With tiered benches all around the sculpture, the Haida Gwaii is a natural gathering and meeting point. Learn more about the Haida Gwaii and other art at YVR