Almost Famous 4

Over the last 5 years we have done a number of outing/assignments. Eash of these asked a group of photographers to combine studio shooting techniques such as finding/choosing models, props, costumes, available or created lighting, and some imagination, to create a photograph of a person, place or thing that happened or may have happened. Look back through the outings for ideas. 50's pinups was a blast.

This years assignment asks randomly formed groups (you can join a group at the second meeting if you missed the first meeting), to create the front and back cover of an old fasioned LP, of a group of musicians. Each of the group members must be on the cover somewhere. You can do a sleeve as well, and song title etc.

Think of any LP with a group of musicians and you'll get the idea: Abbey Road, Irish Rovers, Jimi Hendrix, a string get the idea.