A night at the cemetery

Here is our chance to practice ghost effects, strobe lighting, painting with light or whatever you like, within reason, with a night outing to a local cemetery.

Bring lighting equipment you might have, including a flashlight, flash, gels, any props you would like to use, etc. Some shots may require group cooperation to shield subjects from the city lights, so the more the merrier.

Try to have in mind something you would like to do. You can paint the trees, gravestones or paths with light from a flashlight while your camera sits on a tripod. (Maybe a red rose on a grave lit by a red light?) You could have someone walk through your scene or stand there briefly. You could try "dragging the shutter" where you set off a flash but keep the shutter open for a while longer to catch some ambient light. You could keep your shutter open while you shoot off flashes all over the place.

As Shona said, teamwork might be good here, so come with some ideas! This will be fun.