Blowin' in the Wind


By McMaster, Susan

By Sep 29/2008


  1. Comment
    Clever interpretation of the theme. I thought of it, but never saw a line with clothes. Nice diagonal through the composition.
    The burned out sky is distracting; experiment with some crop from the top to reduce that. The image is a bit flat. Consider some increased contrast and saturation to give the image more pop.
    I think you are correct. It is a rather dull image. It justs sits there. I will give your suggestions a try. Thanks for your comments.
  2. Comment
    This has a wonderful 50's feel to it... sort of a nostalgia for the days when everyone had back yards and mom dried the clothes on the line... Even the subdued colours work with that to give it a sort of faded photo feel.
    Crop the bottom fence... it just pulls the eye down and isn't really essential to the story. We know those clothes are hanging, so I think you could drop a little tighter.