One leaf


By Shona L

By Feb 04/2016


  1. Comment
    Very artistic. Love the muted colours and the depth of field.
    Nothing to suggest. This is great. ~Barb
  2. Comment
    Beautiful simplicity to the photograph, the touch of blue in the middle nicely implies the image is surrounded by fog,
    No suggestions to change the image.
  3. Comment
    This image stopped me and made me want to spend time looking at it. Lovely, simple composition; very nice placement of the golden leaf against the soft circle of blue;
    I found myself wishing for a "sharp" place to rest my eye, but as I was thinking that I realized that that is exactly the feeling of being in the fog. So, I have no suggestions; your image works well.
    There is sharpness on the stem and the part of the leaf that joins the stem.