Hand Painted


By Garfield J

By Feb 12/2016


  1. Comment
    Nicely communicates the feeling of a blanket of fog. Like the detail in Mr. Baker.
    Have you tried cropping out the dock on the right? Not sure it is needed to convey the feeling of the image.
    Thanks for commenting. I struggled with weather the dock showed the fog depth.
  2. Comment
    The fog and the feeling of distance and contrast work really well.
    I think that in this particular case, the addition of the soft colours don't really contribute to the overall impact. Colour always draws the eye, when placed against any de-saturated areas, so in this case, my eye is hopping from the blue to green to green . . . Sometimes really good images just don't need anything else.
  3. Comment
    Thanks for showing us the difference between this version and the B&W. This image has a completely different mood.
    Hmmm! I'm distracted from the story by the odd colours. But, on the other hand, it creates an interesting layered look. No real suggestions. Sorry.