Sight Seers!


By Geoffrey G

By Nov 01/2016


  1. Comment
    The repeating squares of the bus window and the parallel beams create a route for the eye to move through the photograph.
    Not sure if there is a subject for the photograph . a Crop into one of the tourists could make the photograph more compelling.
  2. Comment
    A strong study in contrasts; excellent angle to include the tourists and the street-sleepers in a unique way; very moving; interesting crop / composition to put the text across the bottom, suggesting irony. Well crafted. Nancy
    Until I looked at the image on my larger monitor, I didn't notice the people sleeping on the street. So, initially, I just thought it was a picture of tourists from an interesting angle. I suggest some selective brightening or clarity or some treatment to draw the eye through the bus to the people who make this image so moving.
    Thanks for the comments. I struggled with this photo, because the street sleepers were not that obvious. When I have time I will try what you have suggested. Geoff