Stroll on Misty Beach


By Tim S

By Nov 17/2016


  1. Comment
    Clear subject, good positioning, and the two reflections are great.
    The small rock/stick/object in the foreground creates a visual distraction. Have you considered cloning it out? The eye keeps going back to it because the two rocks create points of high contracts. The small rock on the right could be eliminated by a simple crop.
    Bad judgement on my part. I deliberately left the rock in the photo. I thought it gave depth to the photo. I did not consider it a distraction. This seems to be something I struggle with.
  2. Comment
    Lovely, moody image. The figures are sharp, and their reflections stand out. A classic.
    You may have wanted that twilight look, but I think it could have been brightened up just a little and still kept the foggy, misty mood.