Rebar Square


By Geoffrey G

By May 14/2017


  1. Comment

    There's more rectangles in this strange looking object than I can count! Great that you were able to have the men in the scene to give it scale, but I'm wondering how the guy inside is going to get out, lol.


    I was wondering about the guy in the cage myself.

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    A very unique and textural interpretation of the theme.  Lots of tiny shapes building to the larger shape. Well exposed; nicely sharp.  The human figure adds interest and story to the image.  Nicely done ... Nancy


    If it is possible in the circumstances, a touch more space over the figure's head would get rid of that crowded feel.  Not so much an improvement, as an alternative, but this could also be strong as a black and white.  For the theme, that might enhance the shapes and reduce the distraction of the bit of colour.

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    An excellent square in the making, with multiple little squares.


    An alternative crop is to concentrate more on the fellow inside the re-bar construction as a crop. It is like he is in prison. Very interesting.