In the Shadows


By Karen J

By Jun 01/2017


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    A very warm, serene image, beautifully suited to the theme.  The complementary orange  / blue palette is very pleasing.  Nice exposure: beautifully dark shadows and no blown highlights.  Nice balance in the image; good ratio of blue to orange, and the visual weight of the figure balanced by the blue void space. The  "looking up" composition suits the theme / subject and serves to isolate the subject against a simple background, enhancing the mood of the moment.  Strong image ... Nancy


    Searching for something here:  maybe one could wish that the figure was a touch sharper??  But, really I don't think that would affect the success of the image.  So, no suggestions.  Sorry.

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    Sweet composition of a peaceful image.  

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    Nice subject matter for the theme. Beautifully simple composition and balance. Nice shot.