Little Brother's First Day of School

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By Harry T

By Sep 30/2017


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    Warm compelling moment and young kids going to school.  I immediately identify with this as my mother made me wear short pants to school on the first day! Emotions aside, photography conveys a warm mood. The sepia colour helps to support this. 

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    Definitely a sight that makes one think of "back to school".

    Sepia toning tries to bring a nostalgic feeling to the image.


    Since this is effectivly a B&W (sepia is the new old black?!), I would suggest pushing the contrast a little more to bring out textures. This has the appearance mostly of a grayscale conversion without taking advantage of what B&W can bring to the image.

    The background is a little busy so could be construed as a distraction (but not a bad one since most of it is darker than the subjects). But some selective DOF would help the foreground children stand out even more. If not done in camera, you can simulate it easily enough in Photoshop with some gaussian blur and some masking.

    I can appreciate the intent of the sepia toning, but I would have been just as happy with a nice traditional B&W conversion.