In The Gutter

7.1 / 9

By Eric M

By Oct 30/2017


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    Like the shallow depth of field.

    Good contrast of color leaf to black grate

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    So simple. Glorious.

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    An interesting "micro-landscape" interpretation of the theme; beautifully graphic and eye-catching. Nice exposure control. A good image.


    I keep wanting the whole leaf to be in sharp focus.  Perhaps turning the leaf to make is slightly more horizontal so that it would all be in focus.  OR, keep the part nearest the camera sharp, and the back less sharp.  That would suit how humans normally see.

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    Nice capture of leaf on the grid. Like the colour contrast of gold and black.


    If the shot was taken even closer to the ground, the leading lines of the grid could be more dramatic. Not sure if the environment was feasible at that time.

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    Very effective use of depth of field to keep this message as simple as possible.  Yet we recognize the setting.  Simple and has a story . . . we know there are more coming.


    The partly soft leaf is THE main subject.  You could possibly crank up the saturation a bit, although that's a personal style choice.

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    Provides a feeling of isolation and simplicity.