Piazza San Marco in a Squall

7.4 / 8

By Nancy M

By Nov 29/2017


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    Beautiful composition

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    Interesting choice of adding colour to the lamps and umbrella.  Black and white (in this case comes across as quite warm) is a good choice, and the reflections help to show the state of the weather.


    There is a lot of detail in this photo, all of it quite intriguing and charming.  But by emphasizing the person with colour, she becomes the main subject, and thus really competes with all the detail on the upper floor. 


    It actually isn't a black and white image.  I desaturated the whole by 50% to try to take down some distraction.  Perhaps should have gone all the way.  Her umbrella was vivid lime green.  In this case as the person and her umbrella were my intended subject for the theme, I guess I'm OK with where your attention fell.  However, usually, it would be the architecture that I was looking at, and I'll remember your thoughts for future images.  Thanks.

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    I love your use of muted colours, suggesting a dreary day and of course the two umbrellas also express the feeling of being wet and damp. The repeating arches are eye candy; well done!!

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    Classy image. Perfectly fits the theme. Good composition with diagonal and vertical lines.Excellent clarity. Following the rule of third



    Well done