sea smoke

6.6 / 9

By Ziggy J

By Nov 29/2017


  1. Comment

    Good capture of an interesting effect.  Complementary colours pop and the clouds add a lot of interest.


    You have quite a bit of digital noise from high ISO or low resolution.  Worth grabbing the shot and then checking the settings for a 2nd one if possible.  Or sometimes it's worth getting the shot even if you don't have your prime camera with you. 

    At any rate, consider also cropping a bit off the top and some off the right.  The two areas of orange kind of conflict and the most striking part is on the left.  It might create a different type of image.

  2. Comment

    An excellent moment for the theme; Good balance between the very bright left and the more open right; The sky to sea ratio works well. Lovely orange glow, and fine detail of the sea smoke.


    Viewed on my large monitor, the clouds read as highly processed - a hair beyond real, and it is a touch distracting.