North Vancouver View

4.8 / 8

By Susan M

By Nov 29/2017


  1. Comment

    This is the essence of simplicity to bring a message.  The buoy give a place for our eyes to rest.


    Something in the processing has created a sky that appears to have water spilled on it.  If it really was like that, I apologize but it looks very abrupt.  There is really no need I can see for the vignette.  There is nothing for you to draw our eyes to, and on that bright water, it just draws our eyes to the corners.

  2. Comment

    A very zen-like interpretation of the theme. You've captured the feel of that damp, foggy weather.  Interesting luminosity in the clouds.  Nice textures in the foreground.


    Consider adjusting the crop to eliminate some of the foreground.  The water doesn't really add to the weather story, and the very quiet, zen-like composition might be enhanced if attention was allowed to rest on the luminous clouds.