The Light and the Dark

7 / 10

By Harry T

By Nov 29/2017


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    Very well co mposed.   The light streaks coming through the photo are beautiful.  Well done

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    These effects are magnificent when they appear when we are prepared with a camera and a viewpoint.  The black foreground is a good base and the clouds and light tells the story.  Black and white suits this well to emphasize the lights and darks.


    Perhaps shave a tiny bit off the bottom, although you may well have already weighed that aspect yourself.


    Thanks very much for your thoughtful comment. Yes, I tried cropping the photo and at first thought I preferred the cropped version, but a few days later when I was posting the photo to the site I compared them again and this time I chose the uncropped version. (Hopefully its the right choice, lol)

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    Nice title for this scene. Love the sun rays and the crisp dark ridge at the bottom.


    I might have cropped some off of the left  and top.

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    Drama, drama and more drama.  A very graphic and moving landscape, and strong interpretation of the theme.  The layered composition lends depth. Nice exposure control.


    Nada.  Sorry.

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    Great capture of light.

    Good idea to make B&W image.