Riding Out the Storm

6.1 / 9

By Harry T

By Nov 29/2017


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    Great title and good quality image.  The sky is amazing, and that touch of red on the bridge really brightens things.  Great timing.

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    Wonderful cloud formation.


    I'm unclear of the subject on this one. The train is so unimportant in the scene that it detracts because the title is having me look for who is Riding Out the Storm. I think the big bold cloud is the subject.

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    Love this POV.  A wonderful local interpretation of the theme.  The colour palette with the strong orange against the dark blue in the clouds is treat.  Nice moment with the train in the image.  Strong composition with the crop tight to the bridge.  The strongly textured treatment really enhances the depth of the cloud formation.


    There seems to be ghosting around the train.  Perhaps in processing that could be addressed.  It is only a minor matter, however.