Downtown Vancouver in for inclement weather

5.4 / 7

By Tim S

By Nov 30/2017


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    I find this version to be much stronger than the colour version.  There's still the small city vs. the massive clouds feel, but the clouds look more natural, and the texture comes out in the water.

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    The scale of the clouds looming over the city is powerful, and a strong interpretation of the theme.  The B&W conversion focuses the attention even more effectively on that dramatic sky, and makes the water in the foreground less of a distraction.  The wide aspect works well with the subject.


    The dark areas in the clouds are a touch too black; If those blacks were toned down a bit, they wouldn't draw attention from the rest of the image.

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    The image fits the theme perfectly. Certainly, you have skills to take the picture like this. Great composition and clarity. I love your B&W version.

    Well done


    Haven't any