Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

4.8 / 6

By Debi N

By Jan 05/2018


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    Lovely. The lighting is well handled. It can be challenging to get a truly successful shot of a tree ornament and this comes off very well. The snowflake ball itself is crisply rendered and pops out perfectly (a nice twist for the song title). Way to "glow"! 

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    A pretty ornament; nicely placed in the image.  Lovely background colours.


    If the focus on the snowflake portion of the ornament was sharper, it would strengthen the link to the song.

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    Christmas ornament shots have such a magical feel to them, especially if you focus, as you have, on a particularly lovely ornament.


    These close-up shots bring out every flaw, so perhap move yourself around or do some "housekeeping" to try to keep as many wires as possible out of the image.  Also, the warm lighting makes whites yellow and the greens sort of mossy . . . you can add a little blue perhaps in Photoshop if you are so inclined, to give the "snow" more of a winter mood.