Louvre Through the Pyramid

7 / 8

By Debi N

By Jan 31/2018


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    Like the sharpness of the foreground vs the haziness of the building.

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    Exotic and interesting interpretation of the theme..

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    Beautiful separation of foreground and background. Your placement of the windows is ideal. The texture of the rain on the glass adds to the mood.


    Consider removing the sky from the scene or even the cropping down from the top.

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    Triangle shaped glass frames very clean, crisp and  sharp against the  softly textured  

    building in the background making this a very intriguing  image for the theme.


    Nothing to suggest

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    It's refreshing to see a view of this that we haven't seen before! I like how the intersections of the geometric shapes fall between the windows, framing them.

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    A really fun layered interpretation of architecture. Very appealing tones and textures.  Well balanced and perfectly level.