Love Locks

6.5 / 4

By Janet P

By Feb 12/2018


  1. Comment

    A strong interpretation of the theme. Nice exposure ; good textural detail, and the bright spot is perfectly placed where you want the eye to be, so no problem.


    The background is somewhat distracting.  If it was possible to shoot it with a shorter focal length to blur the background more, it would be useful.  Or, it would be interesting to see it in monochrome.  The background, being blue and green, draws the eye.  Might not be as eye catching without colour.

  2. Comment

    Lovely idea to isolate just the heads and upper bodies of the figures -- much more effective and personal than pulling back to get most of them in the composition. 


    The foliage is a tad distracting and busy, but that's a tough one to avoid in such a setting. Perhaps a large piece of fabric could be held up behind the figures by two helper elves to create a more neutral background...? Just a thought.