Fishing in the Clouds

6.8 / 6

By Kathy H

By Mar 25/2018


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    A bit of trompe d'oeil - holds attention very well.  Actually a bit Escher-esque.  The reflection and mirroring makes a strong composition with energetic diagonals and triangles. Good exposure; nice range of tones.

  2. Comment

    Interesting composition.  .  Good balance of exposure, contrast, tones in the foreground and sky background.


    Not sure this qualifies for the theme .  The inverted fisherman does not appear to be a reflection but a copy of the original fisherman that was inverted and pasted below the original fisherman.


    Thank you for the feedback.  It occured to me that flipping the image might make it harder to connect to the theme, but it looked so much more interesting and confusing to the eye that I went for it anyway!