Honey Twist

7.7 / 3

By Barb T

By Apr 30/2018


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    Gorgeous still life study, with B&W the perfect choice to intensify the grain of the wood.


    Perhaps a tiny bit less of a crop on the left side, to include the full round end of the drizzler

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    Wonderful composition that realy captures what this theme is about. Withoust knowing the title the image with its  low contrast, soft texture   and grainy effect  looks a group of different sized wooden wheels.  Good POV as the subject is taken at just the right angle and the white backgrond adds mystery to the image..  Also like the evenly spaced lines of  grain of the wooden spoon.  

    Well done.




    A very minor point and just an observation  but  a bit of the wooden spoon is cut off  on the left side of the photo.   The artist may have done this intentionally.   In any case the image is a great interpretation of the theme.

  3. Comment

    Unique subject and very strong interpretation of the theme.  Good rendition of textures;  Interesting, repeating curves add appeal.  The DOF works well, with curiously intriguing bokeh adding to the overall appeal.