Those Who Serve

Our club succeeds due to the hard work of our executive. All positions are filled by volunteers who donate their time in service to the club.

Each year we hold an Annual General Meeting to elect new executives. Some directorships are run by more than one person. The officers help and work with each other to organize the club's activities for the coming year.

Here are the directorships within the club and a short summary of what they do. See our Contacts page if you want to drop an email to them.

Head organizer for the executive (coordinating the various executive positions), responsible for chairing meetings, represents our club to the outside community, finds opportunities to evangelize for the club (arranging public gallery displays, involvement with other artistic groups in the community), responsible for booking meeting facilities. The president is the public face and voice of the club
Responsible primarily for organizing meeting activities; finding speakers, organizing schedules, finding teachers for workshops, and coordinating meeting topics with other areas of the club (outings, themes, etc.). In recent years this role is filled by 2 people.
Finds outing locations, coordinates with Themes and Program to find opportunities to allow members to practice related skills. Organizes dates and helps ensure members can get to outings (e.g. organizing carpooling).
Comes up with the theme statements, charged with organizing the themes in terms of scheduling, helping members if they have issues with themes on the web site, often will coordinate a theme to coincide with outing and program activities.
Responsible for publishing the club's newsletter, writing articles, finding content contributors, summarizing recent club activities. The newsletter forms an archive of what the club does in a way a fluid website cannot.
Coordinates efforts needed so the club can participate in external competitions (collecting submissions, finding judges for selection committees, etc.),  works with program to schedule meetings for internal competitions.
Responsible for all club finances, collecting membership dues, paying facility and equipment expenses, accepting intial membership applications (since they have to pay!), and basically making sure the club does not bankrupt itself
Maintains the club's website, implements new features as requested by executive, helps members interact with the site and coordinates web site material with other club directorships (themes, outings, program, etc.).
Social Media
One of our newer executive positions. Key responsibilities are to manage our club's presence in social media, including its Facebook page, Twitter, etc. Looks for opportunities to help spread awareness of the club to the general public who frequent social media platforms.

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NWPC is a group of people who are keen to improve their photographic skills. Most of our members are from the greater Metro Vancouver area, British Columbia, Canada.

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