“The Original Downtown” – Photo Scavenger Hunt

Many of us are familiar with “The Original Downtown” of New Westminster, which started in 1858, predating downtown Vancouver. Photographic opportunities abound as it is full of heritage and culture, old and new, rundown and lovingly restored. Whether it is architecture or art, vistas or close-ups, abstract or photo journalistic scenes, there is plenty to explore.

The outing is a Photo Scavenger Hunt. The challenge is to photograph things and places in the Downtown to meet a list of twenty different topics. The limits are Carnarvon Street to Front Street and 10th Street to Elliot Street. Prizes will be awarded to those of you who complete a photo for every topic.

Topics for the Photo Scavenger Hunt:

  1.    Architectural Detail.
  2.    Weddings, Weddings, Weddings (this is not a hard one).
  3.    The Colour of Murals.
  4.    Getting it Done – (workers, construction, etc.).
  5.    Struggling Business – (empty storefronts, closures, etc.).
  6.    Taking Care of Business – (busy storefronts, sales, action).
  7.    Things on Wheels (cars, trucks, bikes, skateboards, scooters, etc.).
  8.    Lawyers, Courtrooms, Police, oh my!
  9.    Numbers, Numbers, Numbers.
  10.  Signs of the Past – (faded advertising, old plaques, etc.).
  11.   Making it Work – (cables, pipes, wires, lights, etc.).
  12.   Doorways / Passages.
  13.   Public Art.
  14.   Climbing Up / Climbing Down.
  15.   Urban Nature.
  16.   Looking Up – (second stories, rooftops, etc.).
  17.   Compare and Contrast – (two styles in one photo).
  18.   Reflections.
  19.   Masks.
  20.  Made of Metal.


Good Photo Shooting!