EC4 - Seaside Blues


By Deanna T

By Mar 23/2020

My Editing:  I mainly use Lightroom with the Nik software add on.  I first used my standard treatment, exposure set, highlight and shadow enhancing, then used the white, black and clarity controls.  I also cropped the photo to produce a square image.  I wanted to have the walkway as the main focus and not have it compete with the water that was part of the original photo.  My goal with this picture was to maintain the softness of a cool morning mist with the sharpness of the immediate field of vision.  I used Nik’s Colour Effects Pro to adjust the colour with both a preset and manual adjustments.  The picture was originally a bit darker, but I wanted to brighten it up, but maintain that blue, “colour focus.”  I like the cooler, bluing feel where even the green has a blue tinge.