EC4 - The Giant Squirrel of Rocky Point.


By Michael D

By Mar 24/2020

Used Affinity Photo for all edits.

Used various methods to select and refine selection of the squirrel EC8.

Copied and pasted squirrel into seawall photo

Placed squirrel and used a perspective adjustment to align with the railing.

Used an Inpainting brush to remove the sign post.

Used a Tone Map on the background to even the shadows and highlights.

Adjusted the White Balance to add the pink tones to the sky.

Used a temporary monochrome adjustment to allow me to match the luminosity on the squirrel using a levels adjustment.

Used an HSL adjustment on the squirrel to remove some greens and blues.

Add a touch of a gaussian blur and added some noise on the squirrel to match the background.

Added a soft shadow under the squirrel.

Added an HSL adjustment on the background to tone down the blue railings.

Used a Black and White adjustment with a luminosity blend mode to to get precise control of luminosity of each colour.

Made a custom vignette using a lasso selection, applying a curve to darken and then adding a gaussian blur on the adjustment.