EC1 - On A Cruise near Zeta2 Cancri Cb 2


By Derek Carlin

By Apr 06/2020

Sunset shot while on a cruise on an earth-sized moon of a gas giant in orbit aroundZeta2 Cancri Cb  2. :-)

This was my first attempt ever trying this kind of composite, were I wanted a twilight sky to fade into a more fanstastic nebulae type starfield, and then the gas giant also in the sky.  I hesitated to post this since it has a lot of flaws, but may as well let people see what my "vision" was for this image.  (e.g. only after I was well along into creating the composite did I realize that the planet to be that near a setting sun would have more of a "new moon" look, since the side towards us would be in shadow. And I was never happy with the transition from "real" sky to the fantasy one.)

The components (original photo, nebulae star field, gas giant planet) were brought into photoshop. The original image had the colours and saturations sweetened to make the red/yellows stand out more.  A lot of gradient masks on each additional compontent to try and get the fades to look decent. Some additional tweaks to the masks so that photo's cloud layer would be in front of the other components with no transparency to them.


Oh, and if you're wondering about the funky name ... it implies the gas giant is the second planet orbiting Zeta2 Cancri Cb, which is a star in the constellation of Cancer which happens to be the same class of star as is our sun. So if this "moon" had an atmosphere similar to earth (since the photographer in the photo is not wearing an environment suit!), then the sunsets there would look similar to ours. :-)