EC2 - Painted Cruise


By Derek Carlin

By Apr 07/2020

My third attempt on this image.  This time using Topaz "painting" type filters. When I try these pixel painting looks, it's often because I feel the image has a certain "mood", and the painting process can simplify away some of the distracting details of a photograph but hopefully keeping (or enhancing) the mood.  In this case the mood for me is that a large ship carrying some 3,000 passengers is still dwarfed by the cold austere environment through which it sails.

This is an "all in Topaz" work. First Sharpen AI was applied to clean up edges and grain, revealing landscape details. Some finer refinement of the image ("precision detail")  to continue to emphasize the texture of the landscape. Finally the pixel paining process is achieved through two filters: "Smudge" and "Impression".