By Janet P

By Feb 15/2020


  1. Comment

    Strong, simple shapes; wonderfully high contrast.  This is a very graphic image, and the sea of pure white negative space works well. 

  2. Comment

    What a striking example of "less is more"...! The  shamrock seems to float, barely anchored to its stem -- evoking a lovely sense of levity. The stem's curves, though slight, work to great effect. Subtle variegation patterns of the leaves provide just enough contrast for added visual interest, and the balance of the subject within the composition is spot on.

  3. Comment

    Interesting composition with simple subject on empty background. The stem connects the subject to the edge of the frame.


    This is more in realm of personal preference, but I think I would prefer it in original green(?) colour. Green against white background might be striking. Going to B&W in this case drains the life from the subject for me.