By Nancy M

By Feb 27/2020


  1. Comment

    This is truly beautiful white on pale and just a little interest in the background to keep it from feeling completely blank.


    With such a simple image, composition plays a huge role, and although the most eye-catching element is place pretty much in the "rule of thirds" position, the overall flower feels crowded on the left,   Images don't have to fit into a particular aspect.  Consider cropping half off the area between the petal edge and the right frame and I think it's much stronger.

  2. Comment

    The artist strives for one of the two fundamental nightmares of photography .. "white on white". (the other being black on black :-) ). The choice of subject position works well, and using a high key monochromatic look does bring the image into the "fine art" genre.


    I think I would want just a touch more contrast between the flower and background.  on one of my monitors it's almost impossible to see the flower petals.


    Thanks for the thoughts on contrast.  I'll play around with separating the blossom a bit more.