Lone Tree Silhouette with Moody Sky


By Tim S

By Feb 28/2020


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    Beautiful scene and mood.  Sky great, orb great, water great.  Personal bias: I would definitely hang this on my wall.


    The "paper texture" on the sky seems overly large, compared to the base.  I get a "charcoal drawing" vibe from this, but if it's all sketched on one paper, the texture should be the same throughout and I don't quite read it that way. 


    I took a chance is trying something different with this photo and applied a texturxe to it.  I was going to  keep it as a black and white and had multiple variations of B&W to choose from but I  experimented with different tones and decided to go with a sepia tone. because I thought   the photo had more of an artistic look to it and something I would frame and  hang on my wall. ;  I have not perfected the process  of applying textures to long exposure photos yet as I am new to this technique.  I chose a texture that is not uniform whch is maybe why you said the texture should be the same throughout.  In this case you may be right but I think it depends on what result the artist is trying to achieve.   I did not think the sky was too large compared to the base.. 

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    Beautifully textured as a graphite pencil drawing.