The Mystical Forest


By Rick L

By Mar 13/2021


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    The slight intential camera movement is so effective in creating a mood, the lightness of the trail guides the idea through the scary forest! Beautiful composition. Glenn


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    I really like the mood of this photo. The different shades of green, the leading path towards maybe a deeper forest make this photo very interesting.


    Not sure why the left side of the photo looks like part of a frame. Is it something to do with the editing?


    You're right about the left side of the frame - my oversight!  It is a leftover from aligning two photos in Photoshop.  Thanks for pointing it out.

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    It's really the Mystical Forest. The path is taking you to wonderland. ICM works perfectly here. Great job.


    Well done. None.

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    This is magical.  A very strong creation, combining the magic of ICM with the crisp detail of the ground below.  The composition with the light creates a very palpable sense of depth.  Wonderful.

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    The motion really gives the feeling of being in a mystical forest, as your title says. It's very interesting that the motion is not apparent in the pathway.