A Special Glow


By Garfield J

By May 10/2022


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    Beautifull crafted "portrait" of a blossom.  However you created the black background, it is a perfect isolation of the intricate blossom.  Great sharpness of all the fringing - front to back.  Impressive.   Beautiful exposure..


    It might have been nice to see a bit more of the foliage; the image looks a bit "chopped" at the bottom.  Of courrse, the reality of the location might have made that impossible.


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    Lovely title to a lovely flower.  I love the way you captured this.  The flower pops against the black background.

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    The lighting and dark background  really make this flower  stand out  Wonderful rich colouration.  Flower is very sharp throughout; great contrast

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    Fantastic light, an unusual flower and nothing in the background - what's not to like?