By Nancy M

By Jun 30/2022


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    Posing or giving you the look! Well captured. Sharpe focus with the subject, and a soft non-destracting background.

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    Lovely colours, good control of DOF to avid distractions from a busy background.

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    I really like that the duck is turned toward the camera and that the colours are so vibrant and sharp.


    It probably couldn't be helped, but the beanch through the head is unfortunately distracting for me.


    Yes, sad about that branch.  I didn't really have an option to move my position.  Maybe someday when I'm feeling really patient I'll try to remove it.  LOL

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    Terrific composition and wonderful colour and texture of a wood duck.   Very unique photo of the bird facing away from the camera and turns his  head to look directly at the camera.  Great title for the photo as the duck does seem to be posing for the artist.  Good contrast and DOF as the background is soft and blurry so the duck really stands out.  Well done.