Please look at me!


By Chi-chi R

By Aug 22/2022


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    It's all about the storeyline. One that any pet owner can relate to.


    The strong morning side ight gives a wide tonal range from front to back of the subjects. One option is to shoot an exposure bracket and select the best version later; exposure bracketing also gives you the option to do an HDR merge to expand the tonal range. Another option is to compress the tonal range by selectivly reducing the highlights and raising the shadows in processing software


    I understand your point about the tonal range.  I will have to do some research into how to do exposure bracketing.  Also will try the highlight and shadow suggestion, but I don't have sophistcated postediting system.

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    Wonderful capture. The light illuminates the man and the dog. The image resembles a painting. 

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    Beautiful composition and very effective use of early morning light.

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    Props for making me chuckle.  A fun subject, really well  composed.  The light lends a sense of a warm afternoon that enhances the story.  Very appealing.