The "White House"


By Rick L

By Aug 24/2022


  1. Comment

    Strong sense of place; technically well executed


    Try stepping back (or using a wider lens); getting lower down (child's eye view) and limiting the amount of sky to half the height of the house (unless you're shooting a cloud scape of course). Google the landscapes of Wyeth and Turner for examples of how this looks.

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    A strikingly simple composition. Well done.

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    Nice composition, having the cute little white house sitting on the side (rule of thirds) The clouds in the beauriful blue sky compliments the whole image. For some reason, this photo reminds me of the movie 'Up'. Very cute.

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    The quiet composition, and simple colour palette are very appealing.  Nice control of the exposure on the house - bright enough to be a strong subject, yet not so bright that you can't enjoy the details.