By Michal F

By Aug 29/2022


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    Interesting lines and texture leading up to the flare.


    It's really tough to balance this sort of tonal range without sacrificing either the highlights or the shadows. Sometimes, exposing for the highlights allows you to minimize the blown out highlights while bringing up the shadow details in post. Digital images usually have a lot more detail recorded in the dark end than the light end

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    Very dramatic and suites the theme perfectly! 

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    I love how you captured the sunburst of the sun reflecting off the ruins.  Great natural light coming through the openings and the stairwell.  Wonderful image.

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    A lovely example of using light to create drama.  Just enough light on the front of the wall to bring out the textures.  The light behind lends depth and draws attention to the stairs, which really suggest a story.  The starburst on the corner lends more drama.  Very nice work.