By Michal F

By Aug 29/2022


  1. Comment

    The diagonal lines of the furniture and architecture and the fade to white all encourage the viewers gaze to settle on the subjects and the motto on the wall. 


    I'd like to see a bit more  detail in the subject's faces, a little less high key? I find the ceiling fixtures and cabling distracting. Could they be cloned out to leave a blank ceiling?

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    I like the message on the wall!  I wasn't sure how it fits the theme of Natural light?

  3. Comment

    Wonderful natural light filtering through this coffee shop.  Great composition, two people in conversation with the chairs and tables surrounding them.  Beautiful!

  4. Comment

    The over-exposure effect to highlight what would have been a darker corner of the scene is a strong technique.

  5. Comment

    I'm completely in love with your "high key" exposures.  You have kept the key detail sharp and contrasty while letting the rest go soft to create an intimate setting for the subject and a sense of mystery in the scene.  Would love a workshop.

  6. Comment

    This unique high key image with bright lighting and no shadows has a light, positive and airy feel.  The addition of   colour  really highlights  the subjects which are the two women engaged in conversation. Well done.

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    The blown highlights really work for this shot, directing our attention to the two friends!!