Arbutus Evening


By Chi-chi R

By Aug 30/2022


  1. Comment

    The complimentray diagonals of the Arbutus branches make a very pleasing composition.


    The marina in the background distracts from the main subject. Sometimes you can avoid a cluttered background by changing perspective, shooting upward into the sky for example. Sometimes that angle ruins the composition, so you could resort to a masking technique in post to select the background and then mute and blur it.


    Thanks, yes I agree about the background.  I have very limited post techniques available to me, but I see how my photo could have more impact.

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    I love how you captured the sun lighting up this beautiful arbutus tree.  Great leading lines.  Great composition.

  3. Comment

    An interesting composition, with the frame filled by the beautiful arbutus.  The shape is very appealing.


    This is a bit confusing for the theme.  Most of the light is on the boats behind the subject.  There is only the tiniest bit of light on the arbutus.  If you had a chance to go back and shoot again at another time of day when the arbutus limb was lit up it would make the image even stronger.