Morning in the Tulips


By Nancy M

By Aug 31/2022


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    Nice classical composition using *rule of thirds* technically well executed


    When I first saw this image I spent some time trying to decide whether this was a photographer who had paused to bask in the morning sun; or a model  not sure what to do with the camera they were handed.  A different title, such as *pause and enjoy the tulips*, could reduce the ambiguity while making a comment on human nature.


    Thanks for the comment on the title.  I know I don't spend enough time really considering this and it definitely can make a difference to how the reader will interpret the image.  Very helpful

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    I love the simple pleasure this invokes of the feeling of the sun on your face!  Lovely colours with the focus on the main subject.

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    Such a wonderful capture!  The layered colours of the tulips and the beautiful smile of this woman absorbing the beauty around her.  You can almost feel the warmth of the sun.  Great Image.  

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    This photo puts a smile to my face! Morning light, colourful tulips and a pretty girl!!! They all add up to an exceptional photo!

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    This photo beautifully captures the theme of natural light.

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    A very happy image. The lady looks like she is enjoying the sunlight on her face. Beautiful background to support her cheerful smile. Nicely done!