Rolling Farm Fields and Steptoe Butte


By Tim S

By Aug 31/2022


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    Lovely panorama. Pleasing variations in tonal contrasts and the various greens and browns


    I find the flat sky distracts from the overall ambiance of the image. Try cropping off half the sky, to just over the upper level of dark gray clouds. Perhaps clone out the wind farm on the left


    I did crop out some of the sky but I guess not enough.

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    Beautiful pastoral photo.  I had to look up Steptoe Butte!

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    Wonderful capture of the shade on the rolling hills and  vast landscape.  Looks like a painting.

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    There's so many excellent photo compositions in this area! You've come home with an outstanding capture!


    Return to this place again, if you can, as each season offers something different and exciting!

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    A very peaceful image. Nice composition and colour tone. Something you can definitely hang on the wall.

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    That dappled light that one imagines rolling across the landscape is perfect for the natural light theme.  Lovely sense of vastness and distance.  And yet, in the foreground we are rewarded with line and texture.  Lovely image.